Child Care Emergency Evacuation Bag

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Be prepared for any emergency thanks to Home Safety Supplies’ fully-equipped child care centre emergency evacuation bag. Containing a whistle, water (Victoria only), and nappies our child care emergency evacuation bags assist in the evacuation of centres in the event of emergency. For more information about upgrading our family day care evacuation bags call 0417 332 991.


  • Labeled Carry bag Travel Pack Baby Wipes Disposable Change Mat
  • 2 x Disposable Nappies Hard Plastic Cup Pocket Pack of Tissues
  • 48pc First Aid Kit Emergency Contacts Card (12 names)
  • Pen Evacuation Rope with knots
  • Whistle with lanyard
  • 600ml Spring Water (Victoria only).

Upgrade Package:

Additional 6 x Hard Plastic Cups Instant Hand Sanitiser

LED Torch with Batteries

Emergency Foil Thermal Blanket

Additional 600ml Spring Water (Victoria only)


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